Fogol is a company that wants to bring nature to the attention of people in a positive way. Fogol was founded in 2009 by Debby Doodeman. She works together with members of the network as a research assistant and logistics in projects.

Flora & Fauna Expert

Flora & Fauna Expert is the sole proprietorship of Matthijs Courbois, a very experienced field worker and university-trained ecologist. He specializes, among other things, in inventories of plants, insects, mice, bats, amphibians & reptiles, freshwater fish, snails and plant galls. We work with him on projects in which knowledge about these species groups is desired.

Sustainable PABO

Sustainable PABO is a network of teacher training colleges and primary schools that are actively involved in sustainable education development. Social involvement, a circular economy, a clean environment and space for nature give substance to the concept of sustainable development.

The starting point for "learning for sustainable development" lies in primary education. The teachers of the future, the students in education for teacher, play a pivotal role in this. Sustainable PABO therefore supports students, teachers and teachers who take up this task! Sustainable PABO is an independent foundation of and for all PABOs and primary schools in the Netherlands.